Haqqania High School


Taleem Ul Quran, Haqqania High School:

In 1937 Sheikh ul Hadith started a primary school for educational purposes of the local children. Maulana Sayyed Husain Ahmed Madani (R.A) laid its foundation-stone. The school also has religious education in its course. It was a primary school till 1966. But after that it started to develop gradually and today it is a high school. The Islamic course exams are taken by local scholars as well as teachers from Jamia Haqqania. The governmental course exams are taken by officers from the governmental education institution. The foundation-stone of the current Haqqania High School was laid by Maulana Qari Tayyeb Sahab. There are about 30 teachers in the Scool at the moment. About one thousand students study in it at the moment.