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`Ifta (Islamic Ruling):

Incharg Darul Ifta  Sheikh ul Hadith Mufti Molana Saif ullah Haqqani and Molana Mufti Ghulam Qadir Nomani.This is very important faculty in the Jamia. People from allover the country as well as from foreign countries solve their problems by this faculty. People from all over bring in their personal, Families problems and quarrels to solve, and accept the rulings made by the Jamia unquestioningly. It is always crowded just like a governmental court, Which is why another Ifta room has been made. Because the rulings made by Jamia Haqqania are made very carefully, and are very reliable, most of the Pakistani courts, especially courts in the frontier, northern  areas, and in the FATA Agencies ask Jamia Haqqania for rulings in their cases. And their judges make decisions according to the Jamia's Rulings under governmental rules. That is why Ifta work is expanding every day. This Faculty started with two teachers, but due to the expanding work, more teachers are given the job, and now, the students of Ph.D in Islamic Fiqha also help the teachers in making the rulings. Records of the rulings are kept from the very first day. The registers of these records are formed from thousands of Ruling photo-copies.

The Eminent and well-qualified Muftiyan (Muslim jurists) are busy to reply the question of different sports, which have been sent by the people belonging to Pakistan as well as abroad. The numbers of answers (i.e)Fatwas which have been sent in response to these questions are approximately 50,000.

Incharge Molana Saif Ullah Haqqani and Molana Abdul Munim is his assistant.


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