Jamia Mosque



The foundation of mosque has been laid down by the following patrons.

i.     Sheikhul Hadith Moulana Abdul Haq

ii.    Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi (Muhajir Madani)

iii.   Moulana Muhammed Ali Lahori,

iv.   Moulana Qari Muhammed Tayyub (Chancellor Darul uloom Deoband)

v.    Sheikhul Hadith Moulana Naseeruddin (Ghurghshtavi)

vi.   Moulana Muhammed Abdullah (Darkhawasti) etc

      It is also under negotiation to construct a new MASJID because the

       present one does not fulfills the objectives.


Future Planning :

i.     Extension of Mosque

ii.    Separate building for Library

iii.   Extension of Teaching Wing

iv.   Completion of teacher’s colony

v.    Completion of Administration Block

vi.    Improvement of Kitchen

v.    Construction of Dispensary for Students