Faculties of the Jamia


Dars e Nizami:

The faculty of Dars e Nizami started on the very first day of the Jamia and is still there today. Classes are from "Iedadiya" to "Dora e Hadith" (class one to master degree) and their courses are registered from Wifaq ul Madaris. Thousand of students are admitted in these classes.


Daura Hadith(Final year class):

In the begining (1947) the number of student were only eight but now the number of student in Doura Hadith increased up to 1500. The mean portion of the course is Sihah-e-sittah (Six Books of Ahadith) are taught by talented and dignified and highly capbale teachers due to the special blessing of ALLAH. Al hamdulillah that class (Lrgest student class )in the Pakistan and all over the World.



Ifta (Islamic Ruling):

Incharg Darul Ifta  Sheikh ul Hadith Mufti Molana Saif ullah Haqqani and Molana Mufti Ghulam Qadir Nomani.This is very important faculty in the Jamia. People from allover the country as well as from foreign countries solve their problems by this faculty. People from all over bring in their personal, Families problems and quarrels to solve, and accept the rulings made by the Jamia unquestioningly. It is always crowded just like a governmental court, Which is why another Ifta room has been made. Because the rulings made by Jamia Haqqania are made very carefully, and are very reliable, most of the Pakistani courts, especially courts in the frontier, northern  areas, and in the FATA Agencies ask Jamia Haqqania for rulings in their cases. And their judges make decisions according to the Jamia's Rulings under governmental rules. That is why Ifta work is expanding every day. This Faculty started with two teachers, but due to the expanding work, more teachers are given the job, and now, the students of Ph.D in Islamic Fiqha also help the teachers in making the rulings. Records of the rulings are kept from the very first day. The registers of these records are formed from thousands of Ruling photo-copies.

The Eminent and well-qualified Muftiyan (Muslim jurists) are busy to reply the question of different sports, which have been sent by the people belonging to Pakistan as well as abroad. The numbers of answers (i.e)Fatwas which have been sent in response to these questions are approximately 50,000.

Incharge Molana Saif Ullah Haqqani and Molana Abdul Munim is his assistant.


Faculty of Islamic jurisprudence:

The faculty of Ifta for the purposes of research and higher study in jurisprudence is in a balanced acceleration. This faculty specialized in the fact that how a divine directive is derived out of the Islamic sources of law.


Faculty of Dawat & Tableegh:

The teacher as well as the whole members of the institution discharge their duties of Dawath-e-tableegh according to the instructions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as well as that of SAHABA (companions) (R.A)


Takhassus fil Hadith (Ph.D in Hadith):

In 1424h. Doctor Sher Ali Shah Sahab started this class with the consultation of Maulana Sami ul Haq. Doctor Sher Ali Shah Sahab is leading the course till today. The Jamia has seen very good results in the past 2 years. Students are taught to do researches, Study books, Locate Ahadith, they are also taught Hadith rules.


Takhassus Fil Fiqha (Ph.D in Islamic Jurisprudence):

Maulana Sami ul Haq sahab started this course in 1409 h under the supervision of Sheikh ul Hadith sahab. It started with Mufti Fareed sahab and Mufti Ghulam ur Rehman sahab as the teachers. After these two teachers left the Jamia, two other teachers,Mufti Ghulam Qadir Nomani and Mufti Mukhtar ullah are leading the course under the supervision of Maulana Anwar ul Haq sahab. Admission depends on ability. Only a specified number of students are admitted. Students must have good qualification as well as ability in Islamic education. Students are taught to compose, do researches, study books, and learn to make Islamic rulings. This class has been more successful than expected.


Takmeel (The "Completion" Course):

Books related to Philosophy, Beliefs, Maths, or Astrology etc, (that have not been read in Dars e Nizami) are taught in this course. This course is going on very well under the supervision of professional teachers.


Hifz-ul-Quran (Learning the Quran by Heart) and Pronunciation:

This class had started right from the beginning. But in 1981, a two storey building was built especially for it, Hazrat Sheikh ul Hadith laid its foundation stone on Friday 19 December 1981 along with other teachers of the Jamia. There are 8 teachers  and 300 students in it at the moment,and also thousands are become Hafiz Quran. Molana Qari Shafi ullha is the Incharg.


Haqqania High School:

In 1937 Sheikh ul Hadith started a primary school for educational purposes of the local children. Maulana Sayyed Husain Ahmed Madani (R.A) laid its foundation-stone. The school also has religious education in its course. It was a primary school till 1966. But after that it started to develop gradually and today it is a high school. The Islamic course exams are taken by local scholars as well as teachers from Jamia Haqqania. The governmental course exams are taken by officers from the governmental education institution. The foundation-stone of the current Haqqania High School was laid by Maulana Qari Tayyeb Sahab. There are about 30 teachers in the Scool at the moment. About one thousand students study in it at the moment.


Computer Department:

The Faculty of Computer has arranged a Computer Lab for modern education and to learn using computers, professional teachers teach initial computer basics, there are a number of computers in the lab and more are still needed. Hafiz Maulana Salman ul Haq is the lab's supervisor.


English Language Course:

There is an English language institute to learn English in the Jamia. Students wanting to learn English are taught English in the supervision of professional teachers, so that our students may be equipped with this important faculty.


Aims of this course:

  1. To keep awareness about the English language.
  2. It is an international language so it is essential for the globalization of Islamic teachings.
  3. To keep awareness of new science terminology which are related to the Holy Quran and prescribed in English Language
  4. To keep awareness of the challenger of the new world


Future Planning in English Language:

  1. To establish a department of English language and English skill
  2. To enable the students to translate the Arabic, Urdu and Pushto Books into English to demonstrate the teaching of Islam to the world.
  3. To illustrate and explore the life of the Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH)



Writing has a major role in education, and everyone knows that every person's handwriting does not be perfect, which is why the Jamia has arranged a Faculty of "Calligraphy", so that students may improve their handwriting, the Jamia has professional teachers in this faculty. Incharge of this section is Molana Himyat ul Haq