Administrative Departments:

Jamia Haqqania is a very large Organisation, thus it has many departments to make its arrangements.


Administrative office:

All the arrangements regarding all the Jamia's issues, and budget etc. are sort out here. This office works under the supervision of Haji Izhar ul Haq along with 3 other administrators Alamgir Khan, Mohammad Arif, Razim Khan. This office sorts out all financial issues of the Jamia and gives out receipts to charity givers. And they are audited from governmental chartered accounts every year.


Educational Office (Taleemat):

Chief Incharge Sheikh ul Hadith Molana Anwar ul Haq.

An office for educational arrangements was made from the very first day. It has the information, admissions, Examination of all the students, their results and certificate details.

Other members of Taleemat: Molana Wisal Ahmad, Molana Mohammad Zafar, Molana Faiz us Salam, Molana Inam ul Haq,